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Rest days 2023

From 10.01.2023 until 28.02.2023
our restaurant will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday!

Fresh, regional and seasonal

Dear guests,

our restaurant opens daily

from 12:00 - 14:30


from 17:30 - 21:00

Due to the high demand in our restaurant, we ask for timely table reservations.

Your family Prien and the whole team Alte Münze

Our contribution

Slow food

“We want to revive regional cuisine

Conscious pleasure and delicious food are the standards we uphold.”

We work tirelessly to continue improving our selection of dishes. So we regularly meet with our regional suppliers
to expand our range of organic produce. Sustainability and preserving nature are more important than ever before!
We already source many of our goods from the Harz region to keep transports short and our carbon footprint small.

Visit Slow Food Deutschland e.V. here.


Galloway cattle

Galloway beef pot roast

with creamy savoy cabbage and veal tortellini

27,50 €